International program, 2nd floor (Meeting rooms 1-2)
Saturday 20.10.2018 klo 10.15-11.45
Theme: Cities meet companies

Alise Barvika

Head of office, Investment and Development Agency of Latvia

Head of the Representative Office 
Investment and Development Agency of Latvia

The objective of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia is to promote business development by facilitating more foreign investment, 
in parallel increasing the competitiveness of Latvian entrepreneurs in both domestic and foreign markets.

Experienced export and trade promotion professional, I enjoy driving more business by enhancing international business to business links. 

Linking Latvian and Finnish companies we contribute to building a better connected region, enhancing stronger and more efficient supply chains, 
nearshoring and making more profitable and growing businesses possible. Positive culture differences and creativity as well as focusing on core 
competences of partners, brings value to companies and stakeholders involved.