8.12.2021 | Tennispalatsi | Helsinki

Business Unplugged


Welcome to Business Unplugged!

Are you an entrepreneur or would you like to start your own business in Finland?  

Business Unplugged is an event for all entrepreneurs and entrepreneurially minded people looking to grow their business and their mindset while being inspired by the entrepreneurial journeys of others. It is especially for those interested to develop their own business or business idea.  

At the event in center of Helsinki you will take part in a workshop of your choice to boost both your business and personal skills, hear keynotes on financing your business and how to become a successful CEO. Further we will celebrate the Migrant Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 who will be awarded a 5 000 euro award by Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company.  

Come and join to energize yourself and your business! The event is organized by Suomen Yrittäjät in co-operation with Elo, The Shortcut, Startup Rafugees and NewCo Helsinki.  

The event is free but registration is required
Welcoming words
Ali Giray

Chairman of the Migrant Entrepreneur Network's Management Team will open the ceremony

If you want to change the world, Be an entrepreneur
Kristina Sweet

Kristina will focus on how entrepreneurship drives innovation, solves macro and micro problems, that those who have not been entrepreneurs don't always know the bravery and resilience it takes to be one. 

Migrant Entrepreneur of the Year Award ceremony

Elo and Suomen Yrittäjät will reward the Migrant Entrepreneur of the Year winner with €5000 award funded by Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company

Keynote - Raising funding from angel investors
Reima Linnanvirta

Securing the first round of external equity funding is one of the most critical steps in building a venture startup. In this presentation, we will look into what angel investors look in a startup, what kind of cases they invest in, where to find angel investors, and how to prepare for the funding round.

Moving to the workshops

Short 5 min break and moving to the workshops to different rooms. 

Päivi Pärkkä and Noora Poussu, Kati Lappeteläinen, Meri Varkoi-Anhava, Anu Oksanen

Workshop that you have pre-registered to when you made your registration to the event. 

Workshop 1: How to boost your mental health skills?

Good mental health and work ability are key factors in your success as an entrepreneur. In our workshop you get to learn about the building blocks of work ability, work ability trends, self-leadership and mental health issues in Finnish working life. You will also reflect upon your own signals and factors of strain and decreased work ability and produce some tools on how to take care of your mental health.

Facilitators Päivi Pärkkä and Noora Poussu, Development managers/Work ability services, Elo Pension Insurance Company

Workshop 2: Creating your own dreamjob as an entrepreneur – things to consider || To buy or to start your business? Pros, cons and experiences

This workshop opens up entrepreneurship as a potential option for creating a dream job for yourself and goes through the benefits and challenges of buying a business vs. starting your own business from zero.

Facilitators Anu Oksanen, NewCo Helsinki Business Advisor and Meri Varkoi-Anhava, CEO and owner of Yrityspörssi.fi

Workshop 3: Knowing your customers

Who are your customers? Why should you know them and how can you know that if you haven't even started a company yet? Tips and networking around the topic.

Facilitator Kati Lappeteläinen, Head of Business Program, Startup Refugees

Workshop 4: Becoming an entrepreneur: beyond paperwork... what comes next?

Facilitators Suomen Yrittäjät Migrant Entrepreneur Network's Management Team members

Networking and snacks

Participants have time to network, enjoy snacks and discuss with partners on topics like YEL and mentorship. 

Event ends

The event at Tennispalatsi ends


Reima Linnanvirta

Chairman of the Board at FiBAN and CEO at RFA

Entrepreneur, angel investor, board professional, and startup mentor with extensive experience in growing a B2B business from zero to hero. 

Past experience includes building a successful business in the fields of law and business consulting, advising start-ups, growth companies, and multinational enterprises in international business and mergers & acquisition as well as financial and legal management & administration.

Päivi Pärkkä and Noora Poussu

Development Managers in Work Ability Management at Elo

Kristina Sweet

CEO at The Shortcut

Kristina is an entrepreneur and a proactive leader with a rich background in working for large international corporations in the IT, security, and risk management sector. She is a gutsy individual who isn’t afraid of taking calculated risks and loves to handle difficult tasks by working on the big picture from the beginning. 

Meri Varkoi-Anhava

CEO of Yrityspörssi.fi

Meri Varkoi-Anhava is the CEO and owner of Yrityspörssi.fi. In her work, she observes how thousands of companies are looking for a buyer through the Yrityspörssi.fi online service and what kind of approach brings results. Meri herself has become an entrepreneur through a business acquisition.

Ali Giray

Founder of Youpret Oy

Ali Giray is a serial entrepreneur and the chairman of the Migrant Entrepreneur Network’s Management Team. Ali has worked as an entrepreneur in many different fields from the restaurant business to the world of digital economy. He is an active member of society and is not afraid to use his voice. Ali’s mission is to make Finland a more welcoming country to migrant entrepreneurs.

Kati Lappeteläinen

Head of Business Program at Startup Refugees

Anu Oksanen

Business Advisor

Anu is a Business Advisor at NewCo Helsinki. 

NewCo Helsinki is a City of Helsinki service that helps new businesses and startups to succeed. We provide confidential business advisory and training services to entrepreneurs who are starting a new business or developing their operations. We also assist startups in their efforts to grow and expand to international markets.

Reggie Rusan

CEO and founder of SimpleTec Solutions

SimpleTec Solutions offers e.g. data protection services and information management services


If you have some questions, please contact

Heiju Simola

Network Co-ordinator, Suomen Yrittäjät

Email heiju.simola(a)yrittajat.fi

Phone 040 843 1991