Edem Agbekey-Taylor

Keynote Speaker
CEO at Inkuto International Oy

A native of Ghana, Inkuto’s founder, Edem Agbekey-Taylor felt an emotional and moral responsibility to help empower women and the wider community in this part of west Africa. Inkuto chooses to promote indigenous African natural resources that are culturally, spiritually, economically and ecologically sustainable. Traditionally handcrafted shea butter and African black soap fit these criteria. Shea butter is a renewable resource of African origin; shea trees are wild, requiring no chemical fertilisers or pesticides. Furthermore, it is an integral part of many savannah communities and, consequently, there is a wealth of local and traditional knowledge of making shea butter and black soap. African black soap utilises natural oils (coconut) in combination with potash derived from burning cocoa husks to produce an additive-free pure, natural body and hair cleansing soap. The fair trading of our handcrafted shea butter, shea butter skin care products, and black soap all provide income and empowerment for communities in northern Ghana, whilst making indigenous, sustainable and effective skin care available to the global community.