October 19–20, 2018, in Turku

National entrepreneur days


Finland’s Largest Entrepreneur Event

The new and improved Entrepreneur Days (Yrittäjäpäivät) are here with two days of inspriring programming, networking, and all-around enjoyment. This year's program is more deverse than ever!

What are working life and entrepreneurship like in the future? How do you take your business abroad? Why should we utilize technology to the fullest in our businesses?

Take a trip to Turku in October and enjoy yourself, improve yourself, and do some business. Join us in moving forward with our “Step Forward” theme.

National Entrepreneur Days take place in Turku, at the Turku Fair Center in Artukainen, on October 19–20, 2018.

Diverse Programming

On the first day, you can watch the interesting Federation of Finnish Enterprises’ (Suomen Yrittäjät) general assembly, participate in seminars, or get to know Turku. In the evening, we celebrate the 40th birthday of FFE’s Southwest division. The program on Friday is in Finnish. On Saturday, English programming is available throughout the day. Saturday’s crowning moment is the gala, where the National Entrepreneur Awards for 2018 are presented to winners. 

Turku, our city for the event

Turku is one of Finland’s most popular cities for organizing events, and Turun Messukeskus (Turku Fair Center) is practical location that provides an excellent setting for this year’s number one event. What’s more, a new visitor and innovation center, Vierailukeskus Joki, was recently opened in Kupittaa, Turku, and it is an exciting venue for Friday’s seminar.

Turku provides a great setting for the National Entrepreneur Days

The city center is full of wonderful restaurants and shopping locations. There are also fascinating museums and sights nearby. Take a stroll along River Aurajoki, visit the cathedral, or marvel at the beautiful architecture by the river.

Sign up early to secure great accommodations in the city center where you have everything you need.



October 19–20, 2018

The program on the first day, Friday, takes place in Finnish. It includes, for example, the general assembly and trips around Turku. On the second day, we have intriguing talks, interviews, and panels in English. We end the night in style, with the National Entrepreneur Awards ceremony and the gala.

Signing up for the National Entrepreneur Days begins

See what our partners Elisa, Fennia, Finnvera, City of Turku, Kauppalehti, Turun Sanomat, and Viking Line have to offer.

10.00 to 17.00
Welcome to the general assembly

FFE’s general assembly is where the chairperson and vice chairpersons are chosen for the next two-year term. Furthermore, we go over the 2017 annual report and financial statement and agree on the action plan and budget for 2019. Members are represented by general assembly representatives.

The assembly is held in Finnish, and it is open to everyone.

11.00 to 14.00
Lunch in Hall B
13.00 to 15.00
Seminar (in Finnish), at Visitor and Innovation Centre Joki

Seminar (in Finnish), at Visitor and Innovation Centre Joki

  • 13:00 – Turku – capital city of social media in Finalnd (Cave theater), Samu Valleala, City of Turku
  • 14:00 – Tomorrow’s Self-Steering Ships and Possibilities in Artificial Intelligence (Cave theater), Iiro Lindborg, General Manager, Remote and Autonomous Solutions, Rolls-Royce
  • 13:45 – What are municipalities like in the future, and where do we see entrepreneurs? (Amphitheater), Esko Poikela, Mayor, Municipality of Lieto
  • 15:00 – Fuck Up Night (Amphitheater)
    • The international “Fuck Up Night” concept has landed in Turku. In the amphitheater, three local entrepreneurs tell their stories of failure. These are stories that provide us all with peer support and opportunities for learning.
  • 15:00 – Theme Ultrahack: How and entrepreneur can take an advantage on hackathon? (Cave theater), Olli Ojala, Turku Science Park

On the second floor of the Visitor and Innovation Centre, you can check out visions for future developments in Turku and the surrounding areas in the City of Turku’s city development space. Various projects and visions are on display, and they are presented in actual realizations, on touch screens, and on video.

On the third floor, you can recharge, both your devices and yourself, relax, or reply to some emails, as well as watch a livestream of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises’ general assembly taking place at the Turku Fair Center.

The Grandest 40th Anniversary in Finland – Welcoming Celebration for the Entrepreneur Days
Pete Parkkonen, Popkorn

As FFE’s Southwest division turns 40, join us in celebrating the grandest 40th anniversary in Finland at the Turku Fair Center. We have everything you would expect on a 40th birthday. Over these 40 years, we have collected so much of everything that presents are unnecessary. What’s important to us is that you join us in celebrating this momentous day. Come as you are, as long as you are ready to have fun. There will be surprises, music, and good times with great people. The event is held in Finnish.

Doors are opened – welcome back for day number two

The second day of the National Entrepreneur Days is filled with amazing programming, networking, and socializing. 

9.00 to 15.30
International program (Meeting rooms 1-2) | Open the full program >>

International program in English.

Global business - this is how we did it
- success stories of Finnish and foreign companies (15 min per company)
Discussion (5 min. after each presentation)
- Finnish, Estonian and Russian company

The break is a great time for networking and getting to know our official partners. You can find our Partners Area in the dining room on the first floor. The event is brought to you by: Elisa, Fennia, Finnvera, Kauppalehti, City of Turku, Turun Sanomat, and Viking Line. 

Cities meet companies (Q&A panel session of city authorities of different countries)
Companies (as an audience) are able to ask questions concerning doing business in Finland, Estonia, USA, Russia, Germany and Sweden. 
Moderator: Heidi Saario

Lunch (Hall B)
Networking and BtoB-meetings (individual one-on-one meetings)

Keynote: Jan Meyer (Hall A)
Turku shipyard and subcontractors

Networking and BtoB-meetings (individual one-on-one meetings)

Building a functional network of subcontractors in maritime and automobile industries in Finland. 
Meyer shipyard and Valmet Automotive.

Gala dinner of entrepreneurs
Pete Parkkonen, Popkorn

•    Cocktail event
•    Presenting the National Entrepreneur Awards to winners
•    Gala dinner 
•    Inga Söder and Popkorn are there to make us dance for the whole evening
•    The event is held in Finnish.

Pricing and sign-up
Participation fee


Participation fee for city delegations with companies is 60 EUR per person, it includes lunch, program and transportation on Saturday (Gala not included).
(for individual participants it is 250 EUR). 

Participation fee for city delegations with companies for the entire weekend is
250 EUR.

This includes the program on both days, Friday’s lunch and welcoming party,
Saturday’s lunch, and the award gala in the evening. Ask for transportation from your hotel to the Fair Center and back throughout the two days. 


All participants are asked to take care of their own travel expenses and accommodation.
City authorities are asked to give us a list of their participants and we will send a bill for the city.
City can choose do they want to pay the participation fee for their participants or
gather the fee from their participants or
do they want to pay part of the fee for their companies.


Send an email to Event Coordinator Miia Kaerala, miia.kaerala@yrittajat.fi

Full package
until 1st October
250 €
(Inc VAT. 24%)


There are plenty of hotels in the city center. Ask for transportation from your hotel to the Fair Center.


Frequently asked questions

What’s a general assembly?
The general assembly is the main governing body in the Federation of Finnish Enterprises, where members are represented by general assembly representatives. In the general assembly, we go over the annual report and financial statement and agree on the next year’s action plan and budget. Every other year, a new chairperson and vice chairpersons are chosen.
Where are the National Entrepreneur Days held next year?
In 2019, the Days take place in Lahti, and in 2020 in Jyväskylä.
Who can I contact if I can’t find an answer to my question on the event page?
The Entrepreneur Days event team is happy to answer your questions if you call +358 50 381 8090.

Turku Fair Center

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