International program, 2nd floor (Meeting rooms 1-2)
Saturday 20.10.2018 klo 10.15-11.45
Theme: Cities meet companies

Esa Lindqvist

Chief Advisor, Business Finland Agency

Mr. Esa Lindqvist is the Chief Advisor in Ecosystems and Cleantech business areas in Business Finland Agency. Business Finland aims to help business operators to develop their work by financing and by knowledge.

Mr. Esa Lindqvist has worked as a senior advisor of Tekes until 1989, specially naval industry, shipbuilding and technology industry areas in Finland. From the beginning of 2003 Mr. Lindqvist has worked first in the TE-Center of South-West Finland as a response of department of financing and development projects for the companies and universities. From the beginning of the year 2011 Mr. Esa Lindqvist has worked as a head of unit of the Ely-Center of South-West Finland in the unit which aims to help and to develop different operators of business. 

Mr. Esa Lindqvist is a naval architect from the year 1983 and he has worked with Finnish sea cluster as activate research and development projects, financing as a member of steering committees as a position of Finlands states government.