International program, 2nd floor (Meeting rooms 1-2)
Saturday 20.10.2018 klo 09.00-10.00
Theme: Global business - this is how we did it

Riikka Järvinen

Vice President, Finnsusp

Founded in 1978, Finnsusp has grown into an export-oriented company which contact lens care solutions, dry eye products and spectacle lenses are exported to some 40 countries around the world. Finnsusp also provides laboratory services and contract manufacturing services for the Medical Device industry.  

VP Riikka Järvinen, PhD (Biochemistry and Food Chemistry Dept., University of Turku), is second generation director of family company Finnsusp Oy, also known as Piiloset. In addition to leading the company since 2016, she has experienced in R&D, quality management and clinical Investigations of Medical Devices including international research collaboration.